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Er. Sandeep Nadkarni
President, GEC-Alumni Association
Greetings to ALL FELLOW ENGINEERS- ENGICOS. We had couple of meetings at college. We had discussions with college authorities and alumni. We bringing following points for your kind observation. You may want to modify or add more to this, all are welcome. Please go through the points and if required please send me comments and suggestions for modification
  • College of Engineering, Goa was the first Engineering College to be established in Goa in 1967.
  • The first batch of graduates or alumni to pass out from this college was in 1971.
  • Since 1971, about 45 batches of alumni have passed from this esteemed institution totaling more than 15,000 in number.
  • Many of the alumni have attained prime positions in their various careers.
  • Goa Engineering College is reaching its milestone of 50 years.
  • It is proposed to kick start the Jubilee celebrations from June 2016.
  • The celebrations will end in June 2017.
  • A year long celebrations will be envisaged to mark the celebrations
  • Big Inaugural and Concluding Functions to kickoff and conclude the celebrations.
  • Alumni would be the best link to foster life-long friendships. An alumni is akin to an extended family for a student and as such can be a very powerful source of inspiration, guidance and mentorship.
  • It starts with a passion and ends with ties that bind.
  • Since the celebrations are envisaged to be attractive and mind boggling, it is proposed to have a pool of ideas from the alumni
  • Attempt was made to identify at least two alumni from each batch and the said alumni will be ambassadors of each batch. It should be their endeavor to collect info on their batchmates and keep them in the loop on the decisions taken in the meetings and the celebrations envisaged.
  • Many Committees are needed for implementation of the program, which will be formed after finalization of the same.
  • However three basic Committees have been formed at the first Instance to give a final shape to the year long celebrations which are put up in the website for your kind notice
  • The Program Committee, Finance Committee and the Publicity Committee
Inaugural and Concluding Functions
  • Should be eye-openers
  • Efforts to invite President/Prime Minister
  • Foundation stone of Jubilee monument
  • Involvement of students/alumni/faculty
Yearlong Celebrations
  • International Seminars
  • Talks by eminent Speakers
  • Bringing out a Souvenir with old memoirs
  • A special seminar on Brand GEC with its milestones and where it can go
  • Batchwise get-togethers in the year.
Garnering of Finance
  • Membership of Jubilee Celebrations
  • Souvenirs
  • Donations
  • Advertisements
To summarize
  • Well being of Alma Mater is definitely a concern for alumni. Alumni desire that their Alma Mater becomes a renowned center of learning.
  • Alumni are the only permanent members of the college.
  • Need for a greater role in upliftment of the college
  • Need for a greater interaction
  • Brand GEC should shine more brightly.